12 Ultimate Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview


Getting any kind of job interview preparation is very important. One searches on the internet on the most common questions asked in an interview. During the interview an interviewer basically sees what has one researched about the company, what do they know and how are they able to convince the interviewer to select them for a job in their company.

Even after having an experience in handling an interview yet there are some tips that can prepare one for the future –

Review your resume – While applying for a job a candidate applies to many companies and for any job position to take the first step. They should be aware of which job profile they are applying and should mention it on their covering letter so that it doesn’t look like the same has been forwarded to all the companies. Read your resume carefully and check for spellings and errors.

Know more about the company – An interviewer is impressed by such candidates who really know about the company. When a candidate is knowledgeable about the company’s beginning, their vision, mission etc, it really impresses the interviewer.

Practice greeting the interviewer – When one enters the interview hall, they should always knock at the door and ask whether they can come in and should always greet the interviewer with a smile. These are the basic etiquettes and common mannerisms of professionalism.

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Prepare for probing the question – As a candidate, it is their right and duty to ask the interviewer queries related to the job such as salary, timings, holidays, employee benefits etc. Asking questions to the interviewer shows the seriousness and willingness of the candidate for the job.

Prepare the sound bite – There are many big and well-established companies that are far away for a candidate. So an interviewer definitely asks questions about whether they will be able to adapt to the environment, are they comfortable with the job timings, is the salary enough as a starter, whether they are comfortable to travel or whether they can shift to nearby location, are they comfortable with rotational shift or six days working and whether they will be able to handle the pressure and meet deadlines. So as a candidate, one should be prepared completely to apply for a job in such a company.

Play memory games online – Playing online games such as crosswords, scrabble, lexicon, number games help in sharpening a person’s mind, improves their aptitude, increases their vocabulary and enhances their cognitive skills. Making this a daily routine and habit helps in one’s mental development.

Prepare answers to a few common questions – An interviewer generally asks about a candidate’s job experience, the reason for them leaving the job, notice period, description of their educational background, about their family, about themselves, why are they looking for change, how are the job and company beneficial for them etc. So a candidate should be prepared to answer these questions.

Think of the best stories – Our entire life is filled with experiences be it good, bad or ugly. There are interviewers who ask to write down about our best memories with family or friends, our biggest achievements, only to understand our strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the candidate to put the best and outstanding version of themselves in front of the interviewer as it makes them think of a person as a strong candidate for the company.

Think about what to wear – during the interview time everyone thinks what to wear that creates an impression in front of the interviewer. It is the first thinking that comes in mind while getting on to venture into the corporate world. What you wear can sometimes show an interviewer about your personality as they are very quick to judge.

Plan journey ahead of time – when one is going for an interview it is very important to keep in mind about the distance and time it will take to reach the interview destination. If it is at a far off place time your entire day in a systematic way so that it doesn’t spoil your routine. Whatever the time of the interview is to leave your house early to reach for the interview on time. This is called time management.

Must carry things – When one has to go for an interview, they should remember it can take an entire day because of so many processes to clear. So a candidate must carry basic things like water bottle, food, resume with cover letter, passport size photos, identity proof, educational qualifications, money to travel, basic stationery such as notebook, pen and paper.

So all those wanting to understand the technique to crack any interview here are a few essential tips that are especially required for facing an interview.


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