Corona virus and Effective strategies for remotely work during pandemic


Many corporate officers are working remotely and making sure their employees are able to justify their daily work production. The Covid-19 has led to people to settle for working remotely for the safety of the people and nature. With so many ways to make remote working accessible it has become more hectic and difficult for employees as they have to work extra hard and be available to their seniors at all times. In remote working employers have to make sure that their employees have enough accessibility to technology such as computers, internet connection, teleconferencing.

Working inside the office made sure that the employees are only focused on their work. But remote working has forced employees to work beyond their limits for the market growth of the companies. This is another way of giving a chance to corporate offices to take advantage of their employees that they shall work and bring more business while their earnings are well. To increase a company’s market value, sales and marketing employees are flooded with more work from their seniors.

Remotely working has more cons than pros. So here is a small guide to help workers, clients, labourers and providers to understand how to work remotely during this peak period.

There are in total of four strategies for remote work –

Create a safe and powerful establishment for remote computerized get to – A safe and secure remote working space that has all easy access to technology is the responsibility and duty of the company. They shouldn’t expect so much from labourers to be able to work from home or anywhere if there is fluctuation in internet connection and technology. If as an employer you want to make employees work remotely hire a specialist who can help in making remote working system possible. Whether it is the beginning stage or the middle stage where the organization has achieved somewhat growth it is important for employers to allow easy access to technology to their workers and labourers to achieve their future endeavours. Remote working can be done through any technology medium like computers, laptops, cell phones and telecommuters need to be able to speed up their records and information.  So internet connection and availability of enough computerized system is required for better transfer speed. The transfer speed can also be improvised with web and LED video wall wire.

Whatever pitfalls are there during the remote working environment should be taken care of and checked properly before getting into working remotely.

Remote work gadgets – There are two ways by which working remotely can work well. First, let the employees and labourers use their own gadgets as it makes them more comfortable and they know the functioning of it. The other they should be provided gadgets by their employers and should be given all the help and attention to make them understand the remotely working process.

Provide access to efficiency, line of business applications, and correspondence joint/effort tools – Today businesses are allowing access to sharing informational resources, that includes archives, sharing of documents saved in the drive, spreadsheets, media reports etc. Every possible gateway has been made available to share information to get an analysis of remote working. There are many office efficient tools such as Microsoft Office and Google G Suite, CRM and ERP to name a few frameworks. This system can help in understanding the system and process of remote working. All these things need to be open and shared to make remote working possible and successful.

Develop remote working aptitudes – Even after giving accessibility to all the technology and reports still if there is no action or work on it the time given is totally wasted. Employees and labourers have to be told to have a remote working aptitude in themselves. They have to be told what is it and why it’s needed and can reap good results. The telecommuters especially need to have critical abilities in computerized spaces.

Cultivate a remote working society and outlook – A strong foundation and presentation is required to make people understand about the remote working environment and its culture. The more easily it looks in the presentation the more difficult it is to implement in practical life. This can be made easy and manageable with strong accessibility to computerized devices for improvement in the way of life of an association. Every organization should be able to make remote working system adjustable and manageable. An organization should be able to make its workers and labourers mentally prepared and conduct a drill to get an idea of how well it works and what is the success rate.

Remote working has come into the system only for a brief period of time due to the current circumstances. It is not known for how long it will take to end as it is high rising day by day. Even if remote working is not accessible to some they should still be trained in any other way. It is neither the fault of workers nor the company that their staff is placed somewhere where they are having difficulty in implementing the remotely working procedure and steps. It is the duty of the company to provide them with computer systems or laptops or gadgets or if not let them work using their own gadgets so at least they are not unemployed for the time being.

The Covid-19 has badly hit the nation. People and companies are resorting to all sorts of ways to work from home or remote working. Work from home has been active and successful up till now but remotely working still needs to be worked on for employment availability. The remotely working void has to be filled if not completely but to a certain extend. The current situation is unpredicted about its end but this shouldn’t hinder in the way of working remotely for others. They should not be told to look for jobs elsewhere because even the company needs are workers and labourers as much as the workers need the company.