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Easy To Hire Driver & Field Executive In Delhi/NCR With Free Registration


Hire Driver Online In Delhi NCR

To revive economy Government of India has initiated several important projects such as “Digital India”, “Make in India” and “Skill India”. These projects will help Indian people in near future. The situation of poor and unskilled workers is pathetic in India but such initiative will surely get better with those initiatives. Employers hire driver, field boy and other unskilled workers for many tasks in Delhi/NCR.

Unskilled workers have lived and worked in Delhi/NCR, silently without ever getting any praise for their work. They have diverse range of profiles such as driver, field boy, office boy, construction labor, machine operator, cnc operator, tailor, cleaner, helper, etc. Drivers have the responsibility of delivering company goods, equipments, and people within a city and to other cities as well. They must always aim for the delivery on the fixed schedule. They must follow the traffic rules always. Employers hire driver for both commercial and personal purpose. Many commercial drivers remain away for long duration from their families. They are compensated well for delivering to faraway places. The working life of field boy is same like driver but differs on the point that they to remain only in a single city for their tasks. Field boys are important to generate new customers. They perform this task by meeting with prospective clients and customers. They must convince them use the company’s products or service and duly collect payments on behalf of the company. An excellent communication and pleasing personality will be needed to be a good field boy. They must remain focused all the times. Dedication is the key here. Employers hire field Executive who like to take challenges and perform to the expectations of their respective companies.

In this new age, new world, which is full of technology, we can easily find any unskilled worker in Delhi/NCR with the help of the popular and easily usable free online job portals. The prime factor of using them is they are free. Many employers want to cut cost and now they can do that by hiring through such portals. Candidates are placed category wise according to job profile, experience, location, etc. to make it super easy for the employers. Just browse candidates from the profiles that you want for your organization. Select a simple and user-friendly job site like THEINCIRCLE that makes it easy to hire worker like driver, field boy and any unskilled worker in Delhi/NCR saving your time and money

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