The Covid Pandemic Normalised Employers Handling Background Checks On Their Employees And Prospective Candidates


Unemployment in the UK has officially worsened since the start of the pandemic with people spending more of their time at home, distancing themselves from others to prevent the spread of the virus. To assist with the issue the Government decided that they would begin by opening up the economy and the markets slowly at the beginning of August. While the public saw this as a bad idea at the time, the amounts assisted in a small way. The move did not have the desired effect, but it assisted with stabilizing the unemployment rate for a bit.

The unemployment rate in the UK was at a standard 3.9% for the longest time and finally dropped to 4.1%  at the beginning of September which is what surprised people since they were expecting it to increase higher to somewhere between 5-10%, stating that it should be in the double digits by the end of the year. Restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other smaller businesses have been encouraged to open up their doors to the public while following all the rules to keep the people visiting it safe. Similarly, companies were also encouraged to get back to work, but without being allowed to have the same number of people in the office, it only made sense for them to get through their work remotely.

Remote working was the best solution for catching up with work around the world. To reduce the interactions between people, remote working, handling meetings online, and meeting all deadlines and submissions was now the norm. Many companies, especially in the IT space, were handling remote working well before the pandemic, while others were working on adding it as part of their requirements now. All companies could not incorporate it, since the nature of some work varied, with industries around healthcare, construction, hospitality, construction forced to work in person. However,  even they had to make changes to handle some online presence, even if that meant registering for an MOT test or being able to book a table online.

All these changes came with downsides, and one of the most significant ones was that the people within a team in a company were not getting the opportunity to interact. Furthermore,

there were a lot of people losing jobs which was making it difficult to know the new hires. Employers were wary about making decisions or being presumptuous, and this was one of the significant reasons why background checks started picking up. Companies wanted to know if the people they were hiring had a criminal record in the past, while this might not have been significant for all jobs, it was a requirement one of the job requirements. Specific jobs needed to know a little more, like whether a person behaved well with children or older people, and this is where the enhanced DBS check comes in. To assist employers further,  they could stay in their office and check out the DBS certificate of one of their employees or candidates for the job.