Sales Executive Job Initiated the first step to introduce the blue-collar or unskilled workers to our job portals and supported the employers to contact the blue-collar job seekers. Now most of the job portals are taking inspiration from and considering the blue-collar workers. We have organized the Rojgar Camps to contact the blue-collar job seekers and this direct communication has helped us to note and record the clear information of all the unskilled workers.

Through Rojgar Camps, we have reached in the areas where unskilled or blue collar workers acquired the opportunity to communicate to us for the type of work they can do or wish to do. The target of Rojgar Camps to reach the blue-collar workers is successfully executed and we get the huge response of the workers or labors. The blue-collar job seekers are expecting from to organize more Rojgar Camps and therefore, our Rojgar Camps are still going on.

The job providers or employers are gratified with the service of our job portal as they are able to contact the blue collar workers without any hassle. The right information about the work and the job seekers, helping the employers to find the specific employee they required. Our database stored exact information of each blue-collar worker. attempted to fill the gap between the employers and the unskilled workers through our job portal. The unskilled workers are important because they fulfill the basic needs and requirements in a locality, in an office or an organization. For example, we are able to walk on a clean street and using the hygienic public conveniences because of the efforts of the sanitation workers.

As our job portal has skilled, midskilled and unskilled workers, employers are able to fill their multiple requirements through The employers are pleased to find the unexpected categories of blue-collar workers they were expecting for a long time from a job portal.

Job seekers are getting all the job openings at one place and employers are finding all the categories of workers at

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