Find a Job Is Difficult For The Unskilled But Employment Is Essential For All


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Nothing is free of cost on this earth; you need money to buy things for you and your loved ones. All of us cannot do business as for beginning any business, funding is important means money again. You cannot obtain a good education without money. To live this life you have to pay for everything!  find a job makes you independent, allow you to live a lifestyle you want, and above all allows you to support your family.

To have a normal life, we need meals, clothes, shoes, and a secure place to live. If you have a family, you need to grow your child with a good education and additional courses required for their future. Being employed provides you a security to work for you and your closed ones. No one wants to look or depend on others in time of need or adversity. Financial support is always an important part of any individual. Doing a job is a need first and then lifestyle.

We could live a healthy social life if we have an employment. A person always learns by being engaged in any work. A job could teach you the teamwork, cooperation, office ethics and moral values. Being employed means continuous learning and development of your skills. We work to earn and grow into an individual. One should never retire from work. Keep learning is keep growing.

For the poor or uneducated category of workers, work is like a punishment as they have more pain to get less money. The skilled and mid-skilled people can find a job, but the unskilled worker who is poor, uneducated and has no skill can find difficult to live a normal life.

 If you are an engineer or computer operator (skilled), you could find a job with the help of several resources. If you are an electrician or driver (mid skilled), you may have several job options as these are demanding skills. However, if you have a low education and no skill then your destiny seems to be very far from you. Education and knowledge open many doors for you and allows you to find the career path. It is also said that “no one can beat an educated and knowledgeable person”.

The unskilled workers also need to work to support their family. The unskilled can do several tasks which do not require skill and education. The society should not neglect the unskilled categories of workers because they have the physical strength to work if not education. THEINCIRCLE is focused on the unskilled categories of workers and attempting to find a job so they could also make a living to support their families.

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