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Delhi/NCR has become quite a hot spot of various job opportunities. People can find jobs according to their skill level. The various companies located in Delhi/NCR region have jobs with different types of skill sets such as skilled, mid-skilled and unskilled.Everyone wants a good job with a good salary, job security and stability in their life. The emergence of so many multinational companies in Delhi/NCR has resulted in massive job opportunities for everyone.

Many people are coming to Delhi/NCR in search for various such jobs. India has become the central hub for BPO industry. BPO alone provides a number of jobs to various categories of people. The most popular job in a BPO industry is the telecaller or customer care executives. These people are in demand by several companies working in Delhi/NCR and gets pretty handsome salary. Telecallers usually have to be either in inbound or outbound process. The inbound process includes receiving the calls and solving the queries of customers or if necessary escalating the problem to the concerned higher authority while the outbound process includes calling the customer to get information or to provide information about new products or services to its customers.There are various sub-categories to the telecallers job profile such technical support executive, telesales executive etc.

Just like telecallers, another profession has seen a rapid growth in recent times. We have all heard about the name and fame related to Human Resource executive. A Human Resource executive is well versed with the posting of new jobs, hiring new employees, training them, retaining the talented employees, verifying the information of people before their actual joining etc. They also have the responsibilities of dealing with employee information, their compensation, their performance reportand their absence and leave report. The Human Resource executive is very important for any organizations. They help in the growth of companies and as well as employees.

Companies can find HR or telecallers through various sources. They can arrange walk-ins, job fairs or they can post about their requirement in online job portals. Searching a profile online is easiest way for any company. They can save their valuable time by selecting only the desired profiles from the dozen of profiles present at the job portals. Company can find resume of telecallers and HR executives at our website theincircle.com. They can search with various criteria like experience, expected salary, location, etc. Visit us at www.theincircle.com.

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