Home Business Find Worker in Unskilled category like office boy, Driver through online

Find Worker in Unskilled category like office boy, Driver through online


The type of work unskilled worker perform is quite basic and small but the importance of their work cannot be ignored. They still lag behind while the economy of India is progressing at a good rate. They lack proper salary, living places, sanitation, job security, pension plans etc. They put extra effort in their work despite ever being praised. The number of such worker is really enormous in Delhi/NCR because of their high demand and employers always want to find workers in Delhi/NCR in large number.

Delhi/NCR has become the dream place of many unskilled workers because of the huge job opportunities found here. The number of migrating worker is increased to an incredible height. These types of workers don’t need high education or skill. They can do their job with little or no supervision. Unskilled worker’s category consist of office boy, driver, delivery boy, security guard, tailor, construction labor, machine operator, cnc operator, helper and many more such type of workers. You will Hire office boy in most of the offices doing plenty of small tasks. Their responsibilities include cleaning of the office working area and machines, providing tea or coffee to other employees of the office, carrying information from one part of the office to the other part of the office. They also put up notices or inform other employees about any new announcements. Drivers have certain responsibilities such as the delivery of products to its intended destination securely on time, collecting payments from the recipients and take down their signature of the recipients. Drivers can work as a commercial driver as well as a personal driver. Both job profiles have their own set of responsibilities and compensation and require different set of approach. The industry look to find driver with some experience as nobody will want to give possession of their products to a novice but exception are there for hard working and dedicated young guys.

Right now, the next question in your mind will be that how you can find them easily. Several methods are available for hiring such workers like recruitment agencies, consultancies, newspaper ads, online job portals etc. If you don’t want to spend money but still want to hire the best available workers then you must hire through online. You will get access to thousands of resume of unskilled workers once you have done with the simple and free registration process of the respective website. Hire worker like office boy, driver through online job site such as THEINCIRCLE with ease.

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