The career and life partner are two aspects around which the whole life revolves around a lifetime. Get job in India is one of the greatest decision one makes in his whole life.  It is true that people find satisfaction in their own customized ways, feelings and have different meanings of success in their own perspective. And for both of them, the choice has to be satisfaction driven and not influenced by anything else. And here we will be picking the former, a career which keeps growing, changing and flourishing right up till your grave. Because it is something so crucial, choice of career should be made by keeping a few things in mind. Yes, it is true that career is important and a permanent affair but that doesn’t shut down the doors of improvisation and courage to take charge and change seems, domains and the skill set you practice.

One extremely important factor to be noted is that the steps are not just for the people in the initial phase of the carrier but they can be put into effect and forced by anyone who feels connected with them and agrees.

Take up what you are meant for.

Not what is trending and attractive.

A personality and a career are like a plug and a socket. If they are compatible, it lights up a life and if not, it can be fuzzy or even disastrous, maybe. You have to carefully realize, what you wish to do and what merely attracts you. And attraction can be temporary or maybe just an illusion but what you really want to do and what you wish to become the fact of paramount importance while choosing a career. Doesn’t matter how good is a field paying right now or how probable you are to get a job in a particular field, you have to slowly start and ace something which comes naturally to you. Try and get yourself into something for which you don’t need an alarm to wake up for. Motivation is the key to success and also what is something definitely gets going for anyone and everyone who has a goal in mind. This is one golden tip before you choose a career.

Nothing is permanent. Relax and test things out.

When you really confused on what basically “sets” in your skill set and what is that which will keep you motivated all the time, do not overthink and simply make peace while testing the available options out. it is perfectly fine if one tries out the most probable things that he would like to do according to his interest and the skills he possesses. In today’s world where the hiring patterns are so dynamic and you just never know what is over hyped and what went underrated, it is suggested that you rely on your instinct and find satisfaction while growing anything you do.

‘Over-commitment’ can be harmful

Don’t pressurize yourself to unnecessarily stick to something which is not suiting you properly. Any obligation or a commitment in the professional world has to have a discharge within the stipulated time and should be tangible? There is nothing that you are supposed to die doing. Keep trying, checking what is new in your skill set and keep improvising for better career. And don’t forget, TheInCircle will always be pleased to help you.

Good luck with your career.