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Dream of a better career brings many youths from the bottom of the society to Delhi/NCR. The path for them is not smooth as they don’t have any great education. In spite of that they have belief and dedication to do physical and manual tasks to earn money with honour. Employer hire worker who shows such quality. These low ranked workers are known as unskilled workers. We will now discuss about the importance of delivery boy and field boy in Delhi/NCR.

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The likes of delivery boy carry numerous deliveries on a single day. They carry the whole e-commerce industry on their shoulder. People prefer to buy products from online e-commerce websites such as flip kart, amazon, and snap deal because of the availability of huge number of products with amazing discount. Nowadays people can also order food items, furniture, grocery items and medicines from online. To deliver all those products quickly to the doorstep of customers, companies hire delivery boy in Delhi/NCR. The other unskilled worker i.e. field boys does most of their work with their handy bike. They need to meet clients and customers for collecting and receiving documents, money or cheques, doing sales and marketing stuff, installing certain equipment, delivering products just like the delivery boys and various other tasks. The difference between delivery boy and field boy is almost similar. Many companies use the name interchangeably. There are many companies whose business depends on the performance of field boy and for this particular reason they hire field boy in Delhi/NCR. Apart from these two unskilled workers, many other such workers also work in Delhi/NCR e.g. construction lobar, tailor, machine operator, CNC operator, security guard, office boy, cleaner, helper, etc.

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The amount of progress the e-commerce industry has gone through is exceptional. It has produced many job opportunities to delivery boys and drivers. They take all the responsibilities related to product shipping. Employers hire candidate like them in huge numbers because they are the need of the hour. Their primary duty is to safely deliver the said products to their correct places and collect money or signature or any receipt, whatever is applicable.


Delhi/NCR is full of such unskilled workers. Mostly they are uneducated and don’t have any idea where to look for jobs. Employers also find it difficult to search for workers without any information. Free online job portals are present to solve this problem. Employers can use them to search for any type of workers according to their requirement in Delhi/NCR. The information of unskilled workers is stored as resume on the website of such portals. You can see their previous experience, salary, location, contact details, etc, and on that basis shortlist the prospective candidates for interview round. We know hiring is a tough process and require patience, that’ why use only THEINCIRCLE job site that has verified information about unskilled workers. Hire worker like deliver boy, driver or any unskilled worker in Delhi/NCR from THEINCIRCLE job site.