Hire Midskilled, Unskilled Workers Through Rozgar Camps in Delhi NCR


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Many factories, office or your home related works are done by the low class workers. These types of workers are known as unskilled workers because they do not possess any specific skill. The type of work they performed does not require them to have any special education or skills. If you have vacancies for unskilled workers you can easily find them through Rozgar Camp in Delhi/NCR. Well, you surely want to know what is a Rozgar Camp and how can it help you to Hire construction labour in Delhi/NCR. Let’s find out.

Rozgar camp is one stop solution for all the employers looking for unskilled workers in Delhi/NCR. Rozgar camp has information about various types of unskilled workers residing in various parts of Delhi and NCR. It collects their information by setting up camps in many parts of Delhi/NCR. The camps contain information about jobs too and inform the employers and workers instantly if the criteria match in any cases e.g. suppose that workers registered themselves with job profile, say factory operator and at the same time the vacancies for factory workers are present at the Rozgar camp, in that case, the workers are told about the vacancies and vice versa. In this way Rozgar camp enables the employers to find resume of unskilled workers in Delhi/NCR. Employers do not have to scratch their head on every time on the hiring process of unskilled workers. Unskilled workers come from villages; they do not proper knowledge about the process of hiring. They search jobs from door to door of companies and factories and in many cases have to work under local contractors. Contractor harassment is a widely known problem in Delhi/NCR. These contractors often delay their payments or many times pay them less amount of money compared to the actual income discussed during the hiring process. The most important thing employers look for in unskilled workers is their knowledge about their work e.g. for peons they must have to know how to cater to the employees of an office or cleaners must need to know the basic cleaning stuff or hire delivery boy must need to know how to safely deliver the products to their destinations.

Rozgar camp has made the life of employers a lot easy with its innovative way. The aim of Rozgar camp is to provide suitable unskilled workers to the concerned employers. Rozgar camps are conceptualized by THEINCIRCLE job site. Employers having vacancies can find resume in Delhi/NCR of unskilled workers through Rozgar camps.