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India is moving in the right direction with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi reviving the economy with several projects & reforms. The success of such initiatives by Indian Government will make India a well developed country which will enable its people to work and live in prosperity. The low level workers or the unskilled workers will benefit a lot from it and employers will continue to hire Delivery boy in Delhi NCR in the low level segment for many tasks.

Unskilled workers form the major portion of the Indian workforce. Every big city like Delhi/NCR has them in big numbers. The roles played by them are diverse in nature like delivery boy, driver, tailor, construction labor, machine operator, CNC operator, office boy, field boy, peon, security guard, cleaner, helper, etc. It’s because of e-commerce industry that we are able to order anything at anytime. This is where the importance of a delivery boy comes to our mind. Companies hire delivery boy to make quick and efficient delivery of items of any kind to its customers. They have to deliver certain items in a day and collect money from customers in case of cash on delivery. They primarily deliver within a specific area allotted to them. If you need to deliver items to other city or state(s), you will need drivers to do the job. They can drive many commercial vehicles with ease and for long duration to cater to various locations. Apart from driving commercial vehicles, they can also drive auto-rickshaws, school bus, travel bus, cab & taxis, personal car, etc. Drivers enjoy a much better salary than delivery boys. Many start-ups like Ola and Uber are offering great incentives for driving under their service.  Employers always hire driver with humble personality and enough experience in Delhi/NCR.

These workers will always be nedeeded by companies and people. Employers have many ways to find such workers either through recruitment agencies and newspaper ads or through their close sources. These are paid options; if you are looking for a free alternative then you need to use any online job portals. They have resumes of almost every type of unskilled workers and charge absolutely nothing during the entire hiring process. Simply register yourself at the website and search for workers as per as your requirement. Go through the profiles of intended workers and select the prospective candidates among them for the next round. You can hire worker like delivery boy, driver or any unskilled worker from THEINCIRCLE job site.