Hiring Services by Theincircle Job Portal


Hire Staff OnlineSince the start of the Covid-19 in India the country is facing the repercussions of the virus due to impose of lockdown and quarantine period. It has led to businesses and corporate companies trembling due to loss of finances, employees have lost their jobs and migrants are migrating to their villages as daily wages have been stopped.

Many companies are looking to get associated with a job portal for their workforce requirement. Theincircle.com job board is the absolute portal for you. It is the best portal that helps in providing manpower for companies.

Theincircle.com is the most outstanding platform having excellent business-to-business contacts with companies that are well know and available for blue-collar job profiles. This job board provides different categories of plans at a very reasonable and affordable price to companies who want to have long association and contract to build exceptional workforce for their work production and growth.

Some of the key plans to consider

Hiring plan – This plan gives a full guarantee of hiring and selection of a job seeker. In this plan Theincircle.com helps a company in posting jobs for hiring and drop notification by mails and SMS for an interview drive.

Database plan – The database plan displays hiring of job seekers for a company in bulk. In this plan the notification for interview is given via SMS or emails to candidates for interview in a company. It depends on the company for the duration of bulk hiring according to that candidates are lined up for interview.

Consultant plan – In this plan the recruiters of Theincircle.com screen candidates for the company by posting jobs, screening of desired applicants and scheduling of interviews and lastly assurance of complete joining of the candidate in the company.

Job Posting plan – This plan is active and valid for 30 days for any company connected with Theincircle.com. Companies can trust this job board for lining maximum number of candidates for interview rounds. The job portal gives the best and excellent results by lining up possible candidates for selection.

A company can discover and search talented and qualified candidates by seeking the right job board that is genuine and gives positive results even in the most difficult times. Theincircle is exactly such a portal that would be known to many but contacted by a few. This portal has a massive success rate of connecting employees and job seekers to companies in the most possible ways. It is that job board that can give a humongous manpower even for rare job openings.

Which company does not want to have the most extraordinary and skillful candidates to help in their business and market growth? Theincircle.com helps in fishing and hunting for such applicants whose resumes are capable to grab the first come first serve basis for any company.

Theincircle.com is operational and actively helping companies who are yearning for skilled candidates for their manpower needs. Even during the lockdown period it is trying to help companies make hiring possible and easier to eradicate and arrest employment during this time of recession in the country.