How to Apply for Jobs Online


With the introduction and establishment of online job portals, applying for jobs has become easy. Online job portals have made the job application process very convenient.

Many job portals have classified ads. To apply on online portals for jobs one should first register themselves, fill the basic details such as about yourself, education qualifications, previous employment experiences etc so that the information is highlighted to the particular recruiters. These portals have a number of job openings in many fields according to the interests of the candidates.

This article will describe the tips on how to apply for jobs online –

Choose the job that suits your skill and qualification – Finding jobs that suit your skills and qualification is the most important thing while applying for a job online. You can look for a job near your location and specify the skills and qualities you possess. Once your profile is selected prepare a resume.

Get your Resume ready – For seeking a suitable job for yourself, your resume should be prepared in a professional manner. Only those resumes attract the recruiters as well as the companies that are written keeping in mind professional ethics. Your resume should include your achievements, qualities, skills and it should grab the eyes of the recruiters. It should speak about your goals and aim in life.

Choose the best online job portals to apply – When applying for jobs it is necessary to choose the best online job portals. Go for portals that have been established and have provided employment to a lakh of people. To have better chances of getting selected in well-paying jobs it is necessary to upload your resumes in portals that are worthwhile and give you results.

Clean up your public and social media profile – Your social media profile should not contain such content or images that act as a weapon against you. It should have good and reasonable content that is seen as a good profile for recruiters to vouch for to a company.

Review all the information you imported before submitting – While writing your resume and briefing about yourself, make sure that you read it thoroughly and correct all the sentences, phrases or spelling mistakes because once you click on the submit button it gets directly received by the recruiter. Your first impression should be delightful for the recruiter.

Keep these points in mind about how to apply for a job through online portals as this will save you a lot of time, money and will open many doors of job opportunities for you.


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