How To Attract Employers Attention To Pick Your Online Resume First?

How to attract employer
How to attract employers

Resume plays an important role to find a dream job for you. The resume is your ‘first introduction’ to the organization or employers. A resume should be clear, precise and specific. Avoid too lengthy resumes, including unnecessary information and avoid too short resumes with a very little information on an online resume.
Points to be remembered:

• Add Job Title – Add the role/position you are looking for. The specific role or position helps the employers to locate you.
Clarity – Ensure your resume is clear means no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. The perfectly written resume increases the interest of the employers to read more.
• Professional Achievement – Mention the professional achievements if you are an experienced employee. Mention if you got any special training in your past organization or being promoted.
Roles & Responsibilities – Details the task you have performed and can perform. The role and responsibilities should be clearly mentioned in points. It would help the employers to locate a right job for you.
• Educational Details – Add all the academic details in your resume in a systematic manner means high school (if necessary) or college degrees or last acquired higher education.
Professional Courses – Add the professional courses you have done for the job purpose and for the professional growth. Adding such courses could grab the attention of the employers.
• Years Of Experience – Years of experience must be mentioned with the profile. For example, if you have played multiple roles during the years, mention the roles and the number of experience in that role.
Use Bullet List Format – A bullet list in your resume for description makes the text clear and easy to read. The employers find such resumes attractive as it has listed points.
Add Key Words– Online search is a game of keywords and same is applicable for the resumes too. Use of proper keywords can make the resume search easy for the hiring authorities. Additions of job-specific keywords are necessary for the job providers to search you.
Read And Proofread – Always double check your resume. Proofreading of your resume is necessary as a minor mistake can cause problems. The details on your resume should be precise as a slight mistake could mis-communicate wrong information to the employers. A mistake in mobile number or email ID can stop the employers to contact you. So be careful!
Update Resume – Ensure your resume is time to time updated with the correct information. The most updated resume is considered first. Keep your resume updated and ensure to add all the latest skills or qualification.
Resume URL – The trend of online resume with proper URL helps employers to visit your profile and it is impressive too. Addition of professional URL of resume with contact information is a new way to impress the employers.