How to Start a New Job during Covid-19 in Work from Home


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India is coiled and trapped inside the Covid-19 pandemic. The nation is currently witnessing a lockdown since the starting of March and hopefully will be released during the month of May 2020. As the lockdown has posed a difficulty for employers and employees operating in work from the home system it has also given bigger grief to newly appointed employees who have got jobs in various sectors during this virus spread.

For those who have just entered the job culture in the times of trial need not to worry as there are tips especially penned by that can help one to create a good image of themselves in front of their bosses and their companies –

Expect less and give more – The lockdown has come on everyone like a ton of bricks with the work from the home culture being instilled. But there is no other option as the lives of the nation is also important. One has to work hard to earn your bread and butter to be able to have a positive impact on your seniors and the company. In the current scenario if you really want to prove your worth you should show yourself to be a willing worker and the ability to go beyond your level to learn things on your own. This can be done via online videos about your work profile and operations. You need to take the initiative yourself to drop a mail or a formal message requesting your senior head to provide videos and materials to act as your guide in your line of work.

Ask more questions – Be it studies or jobs the more questions you have the more intelligent and smart you appear. Your questions are proof that you’ve researched and done self-study about the company, the job, the people, the work culture etc. It makes you appear as a well learned and someone who is proactive. Not having any questions means you’re least interested in gaining awareness about the job and the company.

Communicate effectively – Communication is the most powerful that should be used in a proper manner. Your communication skills can make you strong or break you down. Strong and accurate communication skills can help the other person to understand you well and appreciate your honest and positive opinion. In this new age communication skills has the biggest commanding language in the corporate sector. So your communication skills make you look Parttime-job of the work culture or you appear like an alien in a harsh world.

Flexibility is the key– Since it is a work from home system being followed flexibility is required to cope with the situation. Even bigger brands during this time cannot afford to loose their business and brand name so the employees have to do their work whenever their bosses tell them to finish a task at the said time. The bigger the brand name the more work to maintain its identity and marketing the more flexibility an employee has to show even if it is late at night. This is the time for new joiners along with their seniors have to work as a team to attain their brands growth.

Instill discipline – Discipline is a part of life. This term has been instilled since our childhood. Every field requires discipline and so does this present situation. A virtual work culture also requires obedience of rules and regulations, dedication, hard work, focus, punctuality and discipline. These are important measures to be etched and embedded in an individuals mind for their jobs and further success in life.

Even though with the onset of the Covid-19 bashing the nation left, right and center and the virus transmitting to communities, the government has launched an app called the AarogyaSetu that gives a track record and sequence of confirmed cases, recovery and death rate in the country. It also helps to identify the symptoms of the virus in us or the person we have come in contact with during the quarantine days.This app initiation has kept the nation updated about the number of patients and has descripted about dos and don’ts for peoples safety. This app has been made compulsory to every employee at, a placement agency that is operating and providing a platform to upcoming employees on how they can cope up with the corporate industry as well as the pandemic.