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The world only gives importance to the people who have high paying jobs and a name in the society. These people are admired for their knowledge and contribution to the society. It’s true that they contribution is enormous but there are also certain people who work day and night just for their survival. We are talking about the unskilled workers and labours that are at the bottom of this social structure. They hardly get enough income and lack proper health care.

Now, coming to the subject of their importance, we can’t accomplish many tasks without them such as the constructing roads & flyovers, swanky offices, schools, colleges & shopping malls, goods delivery, basic cleaning & maintenance of office, many household chores, protection of ATMs, banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, office premises etc. These are very essential tasks that can only be performed by unskilled workers. Many workers come from poor villages of India to work in big cities like Delhi, Gurgoan, and Noida because of ample job opportunities here. The sheer number of companies and factories give them a ray of hope for a better life in Delhi and NCR. Employers also look for honest and hardworking workers for their companies and factories. Normally the employers take the help of contractors who arrange and coordinate with unskilled workers but this system is flawed as contractors regularly harass unskilled workers by delaying their payments or giving them less payments then the originally decided one. If you are an employer and want to directly hire unskilled workers, you better use the services of free resume search sites. These free resume search sites will help you to search resume of unskilled workers absolutely free. You can find resume of peons, security guards, drivers, cleaners, helpers, office boys, maids, construction labours, etc. online conveniently allowing you to select only those unskilled workers that fit into your job criteria.

The numbers of such websites are very few so take some time to find such websites that deals with the portfolios of unskilled workers and labours. One such job portal is THEINCIRCLE that has a large database of unskilled workers and labours. THEINCIRCLE was launched to make the hiring process of unskilled workers and labours easy for the employers. Through THEINCIRCLE the employers can find unskilled workers containing all the information about them. Employers can match their requirement with the available resume of unskilled workers and choose the right workers from their organizations.

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