Maharashtra Govt to Start Home Delivery Service Of Liquor From May 15


Hire Delivery BoysThe state of Maharashtra exceptional to ten districts that include Navi Mumbai, Nagpur and six more districts in Maharashtra have decided to start home delivery service of liquor from 15th of May 2020 from 10 am onwards. The liquor shop owners needed time to prepare for the same and have been commanded home delivery service from 15th onwards. The state excise government has issued this order.

It states that the home delivery service of liquor will commence from Friday in only non-containment zones. The notice has been issued to many shop owners to allow only ten delivery boys and restrictions to carry more than 24 bottles of liquor in one go by a single delivery boy. They have also been asked to sell the liquor bottles at an affordable rate rather than charge above the MRP price.

There has been a clear written contract between the seller and buyer for online sale of liquor by the GR so no one can blame the state if any dispute arises between the above parties. The regulations and precautions being set by the government of social distancing, wearing of mask and sanitization of staff has to be obeyed even while online sale of liquor.

The government had to release this order because the consumers crowded themselves outside the liquor shops without being sensible to the present situation as there were relaxations being laid in some parts of the state.

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