Offices Reopening: Only 33% Of The Strength Allowed To Work


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After the extension of lockdown in the country which was scheduled to end on May 3, the Ministry of Home Affairs has permitted some considerable relaxations. In a recent statement on May 1, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that “the lockdown has led to significant gains in the COVID 19 situation in the country”.

There are many guidelines provided by our Home Ministry regarding the lockdown extension including mandatory installation of AarogyaSetu App and prohibition of non-essential activities for a few more days.

The Spread of the Deadly Virus

Coronavirus has become a pandemic all over the world resulting in the huge fall of the economy of every country. The first COVID 19 infected individual was diagnosed in Wuhan, China in late November 2019. Since then, the virus is spreading at a rapid rate worldwide causing more than 3 lakh deaths until now. India is no different as the nation is facing a huge downfall in the economy as well as lost more than 3000 lives.

Lockdown Theory

To prevent the condition from getting worst, the Indian Government has taken some strict measures like complete lockdown in the country. The first lockdown was imposed at the end of March 2020, for 21 days. Then it was extended again with some of the rules modified.

All travelling services were restricted like trains, bus and metros to maintain social distance. All the non-essential businesses like malls, cinema halls and many others are prohibited by the government. Only essential services like food, milk and daily household products are allowed to be sold during this lockdown.

How the Lockdown has led to unemployment?

All of this had a great impact on the lives of businessmen as well as employees. Many organizations suffered great losses due to which they decreased their staff by a massive number. However, many employees were instructed to work from home with employees monitoring software earlier so they can lead to the growth of the organization.

The government gave strict instructions to the owner of the companies regarding the salaries and work from home status for the employees. But in this time of economic downfall, even the businessmen were unable to cope up with the losses.

The number of jobs in Delhi/ NCR and other metro cities has been affected by the core leading to immense unemployment.

The guidelines for reopening of offices by Home Ministry

In the recent statement by the Home Ministry, many commercial and private offices are permitted to get open again with up to 33 percent staff and the rest will still work from home Jobs. No offices are allowed to remain open after 7 in the evening.

All the employees who are coming out of their homes to work are instructed to install the AarogyaSetu App and it is the responsibility of their respective chiefs to make sure if they have the app installed.

It is the duty of the local authority to make sure that the people who are working in the offices should maintain proper social distance, cover up their faces and avoid Access control while travelling or sitting in the offices.

Currently, it is difficult to assume anything about the situation as the number of corona patients are increasing at a rapid rate. Once the number starts dropping then there is a slight chance of life getting back to normal like before. Till then the Jobs in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and other metro cities will be hard to find and work.