Resolving The Dilemma Over “Why Should We Hire You?”


Why should i hire you

The job seekers have been continuously facing Interviews and have been finding it tough to crack them on and off the time. It is extremely important to do well with the interviews while you are looked upon to be hired. The final personal interview has the most crucial part to play in your hiring as that’s where everything sums up and streamlines. And one famous and a critical question that most interviewers put up is “why should we hire you?” Not to make anyone nervous, but a smart answer to this can shoot your chances to get jobs in India. Yes, a right answer can make it for you, while a wrong will definitely break it. It’s just about acting yourself and playing smart within your limits and you can surely succeed through.

It is a general approach that anyone sitting for the interview in front of a recruiter starts listing down the benefits that the employer will get by hiring him. But the employer does count if the candidate is “self-aware”. It always impresses the recruiter if the candidate is also counting on the personal career goals which he or she can achieve within stipulated time by working for this company. This can very well be done by letting the interviewer know how this particular domain and the specific business organization or a firm is the most appropriate platform for him or her to showcase his skills and grow while adding immense value to the company.

While answering this question, it is important you market your skills effectively and pitch them to the recruiters. And also clearly convey how all the related skills and a sufficient variety of domain make you a problem solver. It is true that it is a time for specialists but the problem solver can definitely fit in anywhere and everywhere

TheInCircle  wishes you all the best for all your upcoming hiring. Give your best