Rozgar Camps In Delhi


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Believe in the dignity of labor, whether with hand or head; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living – John D. Rockefeller

Very truly quoted by John D. Rockefeller and we must value the unskilled workers as without them nothing could be bigger.

The Rozgar Camps organized in Delhi for the unskilled workers had received the huge response from the workers and labors. We are happy and content with this initiative for the unskilled workers who cannot register them in a job portal. There is no lack of unskilled jobs in Delhi but the main issue for the employers to reach the labors. The job portals are meant for the skilled workers and most of the job portals do not have the option for the unskilled workers or labors. This category of workers is not educated enough to find the work using the online information. Unskilled workers or labors have the only physical strength the hand minor knowledge of operating any semi-automatic machine.

The Rozgar Camps are organized in different localities of Delhi for collecting all the basic information of the unskilled workers or labors who are needy. The target of Rozgar camps is to reach more workers or labors to assist them in finding jobs. This unskilled category is underestimated and getting no recognition even after providing their remarkable contribution for the welfare of the society. The construction work related to any building, road, and even for running the factories you need labors or workers. The toil of the labors in the factories cannot be undervalued. The Rozgar Camps recognized the value of these workers. We are getting a number of registrations through the Rozgar Camps and these workers or labors are getting encouragement to choose the work they want.

The labors and workers in Delhi are helpless to do any work due to the lack of information and knowledge. The Rojgar Camp is an attempt to expand the knowledge of the workers related to the work they can do better. The curiosity of the unskilled workers can be clearly observed with the huge response the Rojgar Camps receive day by day. Due to the lack of knowledge and information, many unskilled workers are idle and working under a difficult condition with very low wages.

The Rozgar Camps value the unskilled workers and have planned to arrange more camps in the future covering all parts of Delhi and NCR. Whether you are a skilled or unskilled, each one of us has a right to make a living using the proper resources. The Rozgar Camps are meant for the unskilled workers with low or no education, but have a courage to work hard to run their families and live a normal life.

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