The Unorganized sector in India constitutes almost 93 percent of the total human workforce including the agriculture sector. Apart from agriculture, the workers that come under the unorganized sector are as followings:

  • Construction labours
  • Handloom workers
  • Weavers
  • Mills or factory workers
  • Labelling & packing workers
  • Vegetable and fruit vendors
  • News paper vendors
  • Leather workers
  • Cleaners
  • Sweepers
  • Workers at restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping malls
  • Domestic workers

As you can see by their designation they are everywhere working around us and contributing immensely to the economic growth of India but the sad fact is that they still live under social and job insecurities in deprived conditions without a proper health and monetary support from the Government of India.

In the past, the Government has implemented several policies for the benefit and improvement of workers from the unorganized sectors like the much talked about Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act providing 100 days of work to rural employable people. It does provide 100 days of work but what about the other days when the workers have no work to do.

The unorganized sector is also known as informal sector because of the informal way of work culture such as no fixed duration of work hours, lack of perfect relation between employees and employers, no pension and paid leave etc. The workers face lots of problems due to the lack of formal training & knowledge about technology such as low wages, job uncertainty, contractual work that often leaves them unemployed, lack of support from politicians, lack of medical aid etc. The number of women and child workers is also quite huge in unorganized sector. The Government has policies for women safety and child labour but they are hardly followed by people in unorganized sector. These social and economic disparities are a cause of concern for not just for workers but also for the overall growth of India. Due to the lack of opportunities at rural places many people migrate to big cities for work but their struggle doesn’t end here as the lack of knowledge restrict them in finding good jobs and somehow if they get jobs they have to content with a meagre salary. In cities, they don’t know about the particulars of hiring process and often end up at the behest of contractors who exploit them regularly.

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These people don’t have any certain skills, that’s why they are normally known as unskilled workers and they usually acquire skills and knowledge from their jobs. They begin their work with just some formal instructions. The construction and manufacturing industry are the major job providers for such unskilled workers. It’s true that machines have taken quite a lot of jobs that were earlier handled by unskilled workers but there are also many jobs available that require humans for the proper management and maintenance of machines. The construction of roads and flyovers, shopping malls, offices, buildings and railway bridges can’t be completed without the service of construction labors. The other common unskilled workers include peons, drivers, security guards, domestic workers, cleaners, helpers, parking lot attendants etc. They performed some of the most basic tasks in your home or in your organizations.

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There should be proper mechanism through which unskilled workers can get information about jobs and will happily change their jobs if available. The educated people have all the benefits and privileges that help them in finding their desired jobs but the uneducated and unskilled people don’t have such luxury. They have to manually search for their jobs. THEINCIRCLE is one such initiative that acts as a platform for uneducated people by providing the right place where they can look for a better career options. The working mantra of THEINCIRCLE is quite simple, they organize Rozgar Camps across several parts of Delhi/NCR for the unskilled workers where any worker looking for jobs can find information about available jobs by registering themselves with their information about previous jobs with salary, age and location. The whole information is catalogued properly in the THEINCIRCLE website making it easier for employers to find resume of the appropriate candidates for their work.

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THEINCIRCLE is making things easier for unskilled workers by providing them a central place where workers can find the right jobs and when contacted by employers can bargain for the right salary according to their skills and qualifications.

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