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You Don’t Have to Great to be Great to Start, But You Have to Start to Be Great – Zig Zagler

Long job search with no result could demoralize the job seekers. Being efficient and qualified does not guarantee that a good position is waiting for you. You have to search the job religiously using the right job portal. A positive attitude is necessary for the candidates to grab a right job. Self-pity or blaming the other person or situations for not getting a right job will not take you anywhere. Action is important than reaction. Do the needful, means go ahead with your job search and check for the negative points that may be obstructing your opportunity to get a job. You need a positive energy to perform your work with the skill and education.

Why Employers are Not Able to Notice You?

  • Check the format of your resume, fill all the required information.
  • Check if you have filled the educational details properly.
  • Check if all the details of professional courses are added.
  • Check if years of experience with different organizations are clearly mentioned.
  • All the job responsibilities must be added to your resume if you have worked in different organizations.
  • Clearly mention the position and job roles.
  • Show the roles and responsibilities you want to perform as a fresher
  • Always mention the preferred job locations to allow the specific employer to search for you.
  • Mentioning the expected salary will also enable the employers to think before calling for the interview.
  • Employers find resume which is updated.
  • If you are not using the job portal actively, means you are losing the interest of employers in your profile.
  • Users who are not using the portals or updating the resume for more than six months, dropping the scope of getting jobs.

Remember the job portals are meant to support you in searching the right jobs for you and save your time as you get the right job information in your inbox. The active use of job portals will expand your chance to get a job.

How to Get a Right Candidate for Your Organization?

Employer search for the right candidate is a responsible task which requires a sharp eye and good understanding about the profile.Filtering the right candidates is a huge responsibility for the recruiters. As a recruiter, you need to keep some points in mind before selecting a candidate:

  • Post a Resume with clear job responsibilities. This will allow you to get the resume of the specific candidates because more applications for one position may increase your work to filer the candidate.
  • Write a better job description to attract the candidates.
  • Describe the role clearly with possible qualities you are searching in a candidate.
  • Conduct job interviews to hire the right employees.
  • Ask questions using the resume of the candidate as resume are all about the candidate and asking the questions from resume allows verifying the factual points mentioned in the resume.

Why Job Portal?

Job portals save the time of job seekers as well as job providers. Through job portals, a candidate can get the required job profile and company information with a simple registration. All the latest updated information is sent to the job seekers about the recent jobs, walk-ins, and interview calls.Job portals inform the employers about the candidates for the specific profiles they are looking for.All the resumes of matching profile are sent to the employers. The employers are provided with huge options to select a candidate matching their job criteria. Employers can directly call the potential candidates and get the precise details.

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