Is Honored To Be a Part Of ‘CNBC-TV18’s Young Turks Conclave 2015’


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Young Turks is one of CNBC-TV18’s longest running shows. The show is aimed to the young business persons or achievers. The achievements and experiences of the self-motivated men and women entrepreneurs were shared like, how they began their career, where they belong to, and how they transform their small business into a big one.

The annual conclave was held on 7thJuly 2015 at Taj Palace with the contribution of Shereen Bhan, the managing editor of CNBC-TV18, and anchor-editor of “Young Turks”, Shruti Mishra (Assistant Producer at CNBC), Megha Vishwanath (Co-Producer of YT), and Syna Dehnugara (Senior Features Producer at CNBC-TV18)

According to Shreen Bhan“Clarity of purpose is the first step towards building a successful, profitable business. It is about defining your core values, priorities and business chakras, based on understanding your vulnerabilities and strengths. “The clearer your purpose, the higher the chances of success will be.”

The show is attended by the new entrepreneursand participated by the Young Trunks like Neeraj Kakkar (CEO of Hector Beverages),members of AIB (All India Bakchod), Arun Sarin (former Vodafone Global CEO), Ravi Gururaj (Member NASSCOM), Shaheen Mistri (Social Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Teach For India), Piyush Pandey (Executive Chairman & National Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather India), Mekin Maheshwari (Chief People Officer at Flipkart), Shanti Mohan (, and Abhishek Bachchan (Actor). is honored to be a part of “CNBC-TV18’s Young Turks Conclave 2015” among 45 other startups. THEINCIRCLE is selected within thousands of the applicants to attend the show of Young Turks Conclave by CNBC. As a startup, it was a great learning evening for the team and we are fortunate to get to know about the experiences, stories, and suggestions of such business achievers. The sharing and thoughts of Mr. Arun Sarin, Mr. Piyush Pandey and Mr. Neeraj Kakkar were encouraging and fantabulous.

Our team focused on some key points about the product and passion, chasing and believing in your dreams, hiring the best people, team boost-up, raising funds, honesty and ethics in business, creating the new rules (not to stick with the old rules) and the best thought of Mr. Abhishek Bachchan“Success deals with you and you have to deal with the failure”

For THEINCIRCLE, it was the mentorship program where the experienced or knowledgeable entrepreneurs help to guide about the problems related to the setting a work, team buildup, financial arrangement, focusing different sectors, evolving ideas and welcoming the new suggestions.

The team is the strength of any business. The team could be out of sync if certain people know the things and others don’t. Never withhold information to certain people as others could be feeling frustrated. A good team work results the best business development. Sharing the knowledge and ideas to each other are keys of successful business. Keeping secret could harm your business and could create the confusion and miscommunication. Maintain an open environment with a comfortable work environment and pleased team members. Share and care as secret is needless for high performance culture with liability, ethics, and reliability.

The key product of your business should possess a quality. There is no use of advertising the things if the customer feedback is worst and the user is not satisfied with your service. Improve the quality of your product or work, apply the new thoughts and experiment for the betterment of your business. Keep experimenting.

A mentor may be older or younger; it all depends on certain areas of expertise. Renew your thought and ideas. Open the doors for the new rules and let the old rules out. Be young in your business ideas, enthusiasm, focusing, and passion. Be young and never retire.

Founder and CEO of Teach for India, Shaheen Mistri sets a good example for transforming her desires into reality. She was keen to teach the less privileged street children (slum children), and to reach this goal, she founded the Akansha Foundation, mainly for providing the education without any cost. She has begun with only 15 children in one center, but now there are 58 centers with about 3,500 children. She is a leader at Teach For India encouraging the young college graduates and professionals to teach the low-income schools. Such an inspiring story encourages anyone to make the dream come true.

Even applying the new ideas and suggestions for the betterment of our job portal. Providing opportunity to the unskilled workers is our main focus and we are experimenting with the new concepts to reach the unskilled. Our idea about the unskilled workers is unique and promising. The thoughtful initiation of helping the unskilled workers by providing jobs for them is appreciated. The YT conclave boosted up team members and created a great energy within us. Thanks for the opportunity!