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THEINCIRCLE job site is one of the most rapidly growing job portals in India. It has resumes of every type of workers found in Indian working society. We have skilled, mid-skilled and unskilled category of workers’ resumes perfectly stored in our database that you can view after registering with our website. We have created an employer section so that any employer can keep tracks of all their hiring related activities at one place.

Employers can Hire Employee from the employer section. They can search by using keywords such as PHP developer, android developer, electricians, etc. They can also search by categories such as job profile, years of experience, location, etc. We know every industry needs a healthy mix of fresher and experience candidates. You can search for any fresher and experience candidates. Fresher offer raw energies while experience candidates offer their valuable real world skill and knowledge. They both are part of our developing nation. Without them, we can’t move forward and can’t bring the economy to its right place. Most of the companies hire fresher candidates in large numbers because that is the most cost effective procedure plus it also saves them their valuable time.

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As we have earlier stated that we have also have resumes of unskilled workers. Yes, we are not lying about this claim. It’s possible only because of our popular Rozgar camp program. The Rozgar camp program includes collecting valuable information about unskilled workers such as where they have worked and what type of job duties they performed and the amount of income they got there. We also ask them about any other job preferences or any other skill they have acquired during their earlier jobs. With all such information, we create their digital resumes that you can access any time at our website. If their profile matches with any posted job(s) at our site, we inform them about such matter. Similarly, we inform about any employers looking for such workers. Our Rozgar camp has enabled various employers to find worker with the exact requirement they were searching for.

TheIncircle is making its name stand out amongst the various job portals present on the online space. We can give you workers for construction, textile, manufacturing, services, and many other sectors. You just give us the worker description and we will find you the right worker to fill it up. Visit THEINCIRCLE to find the best worker in your city.