Work From Home In India Due To Corona-Virus Disease


Work From HomeWith the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, India and many other economically developing countries have been wrapped in this disease. It has spread so widely and worsened the situation for the population. The worst part is this disease does not have any cure. The scientists are still trying to find and make such vaccines that can help curb down this disease.

This disease came in the news when a foreign traveler on a trip to India was tested positive and this created an alarming situation in many regions and states. The disease is spread from humans to human connection. If someone has traveled abroad or has come in connection with a foreign traveler it has been advised and ordered by not just the government but international health organizations to show information about their travel history and to get themselves tested immediately on their arrival and landing to their respective countries.

This has led the country to witness the worst economic crises and situations after world war II. So many global and Indian companies have partnered with international companies announced to adopt a two-week work from home policy.

Work from the home policy has allowed many employees to take precautions at an early stage. India has the largest population and the economy started witnessing deaths in many major states such as Maharashtra with people testing positive Kerala, Bangalore and NCR regions of Delhi. Proper precautions, isolation and quarantine have been ordered by the government till the situation normalizes.

Work from home policy includes an employee to be working according to the office hours and justifying their work and target by sending their senior’s daily reports. This has allowed precautionary practices and also continual work production. But currently because of this disease is incurable it is difficult to predict when will the situation come back to normal. Other precautions have been highlighted such as sanitizing hands, putting a mask to cover your face keeping distance from the people, buying grocery which is more needed which has helped the situation to calm down. Due to the crackdown of this virus traveling via public transport have been restricted, malls, supermarkets, theaters, restaurants and even religious places have been shut down and children and senior citizens have been advised to stay home.

Work from home policy is there in most of the companies but with those who don’t have, have had to obey the orders released by the central government with the normal work procedure to follow the way it is in the office. This also helps the employees to maintain their professional ethics and be answerable to their seniors. But it creates a bit of panic among some employees about their work because there are some who don’t have their personal computers or have a weak internet connection. This also puts them at the risk of salary deduction or Job Search Online. Although the prime minister has said not to deduct salaries if an employee is unable to come to work or even perform in work from home but the rules of the company cannot be protested in this matter.


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