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Posted Date:- 02 July 2016

Netneh Facilities And Management Services


Job Detail


Skilled Job

Ramesh Kumar

10+2 or above

INR 8,000- 10,000

Rise Resorts Residency Greater Noida West Sector 1 Near Guar City

Greater Noida

Greater Noida

Manufacturing / Operation (Production / Maintenance / Service)

Job Description

the Duties Of The Cleaning Crew Will Be Scheduled By The Housekeeper And The Following Routines Are To Be Met:

    O  Vacuum All Staircases And Landings O   Vacuum And Clean All Elevators O   Vacuum Behind All Fire Doors

    Vacuum Elevators Twice Daily Or More Often, As Traffic Dictates.  

    Clean Elevator Door Tracks Daily And Polish Once A Week.

    Wash And/or Polish Elevator Walls And Doors Daily

    Wash Portholes Once A Week From The Inside.  Remove Smudges And Finger Prints When Necessary.

    Control And Shift Ash Urns At Least Eight Times A Day

    Dust Directional And Exit Signs Twice A Week

    Mop And/or Buff Vinyl And Other Hard Surface Floors

    Clean, Dust And Remove Spots From All Bar Stools, Chairs And Sofas

    Dust Light Fixtures

    Vacuum Under All Cushions

    Clean And Dust All Table Tops In The Bars, Lounges And Lobbies

    Clean All Windows

    Clean And Polish Glass Doors On Both Sides And Dust Behind Rails

    Clean And Dust Bar Counters, Walls And Lights Above Bars

    Clean And Dust All Art Pieces

    Check And Clean All Air Conditioning Outlets, Ventilators And Loud-speakers

    Clean And Wash Down Frequently All Ceilings O   Clean All Walls And Remove Finger Marks

    Clean And Dust On Top Of Boards, Thoroughly Clean And Re-arrange Rest Rooms At Least Four Times A Day, Including:

    Washing Of Hand-basin, Toilets, Urinals

    Cleaning Of Tiles

    Empty Trash Cans

    Clean Mirrors, Sinks, Bright Surfaces And Floors

    Replace Paper Products As Necessary

    Clean Walls

    Vacuum Upholstered Furniture And Dust All Chairs

    Clean Dance Floors And Remove Shoe Marks

    Polish All Brass

    Clean And Polish All Public Telephones

    Clean The Information Desk Including All Offices-

    Polish All Display Boxes

following Requirements Are To Be Met In Public Toilets:

    Empty All Waste Baskets

    Empty And Wash All Ash-trays

    Scrub Toilet Bowl And Urinals Inside And Outside

    Clean Toilet Seats On Both Sides

    Wash All Doors On Both Sides And Check Frames For Dust

    Wash All Walls Around Toilets And Urinals

    Wash Hand-wash-basin Inside And Outside

    Polish All Mirrors

    Scrub The Floor

    Clean All Drains

    Remove Rust

    Fill Up Toilet Paper, Hand-towels And Soap

cleaning Of Offices

all Offices Are To Be Cleaned Daily By The Housekeeping Department.  The Cleaning Should Include The Following Steps:

    Vacuum All Carpets Daily

    Empty Waste-baskets And Wipe The Outside And Inside With Damp Cloth

    Dust Desk Top And Other Furniture.  Once A Week, Apply Furniture Cleaner And Polish

    Empty And Wipe Out Ash-trays

    Clean Porthole Ledges And Door Frames Once A Week

    Clean Walls, Ceiling And Doors

    Clean Air-condition Outlets

    Important:  Use The Correct Cleaning Material.  Report Any Repairs Needed In The Described Areas And Follow Up On This Matter.

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