Q.1- What exactly Theincircle.com is?

A1- It is platform which helps both employer and employee. It is one stop place where employer and job seekers can easily get themselves enrolled. It will help both of them in making good choice.

Q. 2. - Who all can register at the web portal?

A2- As such there is no hard and fast role for enrollment, everyone and anyone can get themselves registered. Skilled, unskilled and professional all can register on the site and get benefitted from it. For example machine operators who register themselves at Theincircle.com are able to get better job in machinery industry. CNC operators when they enroll themselves at the site, it has been seen that they are able to grab better placements. Foreman is a person who is usually upgraded from his helper’s designation but when he registers himself at the web portal his designation helps him grab better opportunities. In the same way fitters are happy working at their placement and not-to-mention the accountants, a must for every business organization get better placement along with welders and drivers when they get themselves enrolled at theincircle.com

Q.3- What is the main focus at which the web portal targets at?

A.3- The main purpose of the site is to provide manufacturing, construction and service industry that requires ample human resources meet their requirement at Theincircle.

Q. 4- How it is helping employees?

A.4- Theincircle will register skilled and unskilled workers by creating their profiles that these unskilled people do not face any problem in registering there and to further help them a Miss Call number 8999-343434 exists there which will provide all needful help to them. Depending on their profile they are selected by the employers. It helps in providing the suitable job to them by referring employees to various employers. Their qualities are notified to the employers.

Q. 5-Being an employer how it will prove beneficial to me?

A.5-As the profile in created for every wishful candidate who is in search of job. This helps employer in selecting the most suitable candidate according to their requirements.

They can also post their requirements at the web portal about their requirements of various employees. They can Hire The Candidate after matching the qualification with the requirements.

Q.6- How can a manufacturing industry get most advantage from this web portal?

A.6- Pool of talent is created at Theincircle.com. This helps in easy selection of job seekers. It facilitates cherry pick qualities where an employer can choose the best candidate to suit his job requirement. Construction sector calls for highly qualified workers like engineers, interior designers, architecture and accountants to keep record of their purchases and expenditure and construction work calls for ample labor force (Construction labor) which will give a well defined structure to the area through its construction works. They will find all these engineers, accountants, designers and welders and technician and enormous human resources living or working on the site. Theincircle helps in connecting the expert mansions, labors and helpers which are an expert in their fields.

Q.7 - what is the procedure of registration for professional and skilled worker like Engineers, Designers, Machine Operators?

A.7 all these are educated and trained people and youth of today they can easily access the website and get themselves register there and enjoy best placement for themselves.

Q.8 how a mid -skilled person can enroll at the site?

A7- Mid skilled people like welders, die- fitters, labors etc are those necessary helpers who posses greater knowledge of their work and they may not be educated and do not know how to access the internet. To help them with best services theincircle has its Miss Call number 8999-343434 wherein they as a dignified person can call.

Q.9 - What is the registering method for professional?

A.9 Registration is as easy as ABC which stands for any body can. They have to log in to the website and register them self at the web portal.

Q 10- Are the currently employees can also get benefitted from this?

A.10 Yes, even if you are still working in the company then too you are eligible to get yourself registered. It will help you in grabbing better job or switching to higher prospectus according to your needs and likings.

Q 11- Is it wise to get enrolled into it?

A.11- Yes, if you want best job and placement for yourself then it is platform which will help you in grabbing the best job placement for yourself with handsome salary package. Registration at Theincircle.com helps unskilled by registering free of cost. Choosing theincircle.com will prove beneficial incase the employer want to appoint employees at his preferred location.

Q.12- How employers get benefitted from Theincircle.com?

A.12-Employers are always in search of expert and trained employees which will help them in meeting their work with excellence. This is where theincircle act like a problem lifter for them by offering machine operators, driver, Foreman, labor and helper etc.

Q 13-Does Theincircle guarantees its employees?

A.13-No, Theincircle do not take any kind of guarantee of these employees. It is just a platform to make two opposite ends i.e. employer and employee meets together. Though complete information is verified but still it is advisable to Employer to grab the complete authenticity of the labor.


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